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All served with french fries and coleslaw


Bacon, tomatoes, turkey and lettuce

Reuben Sandwich 12.95

Sauerkraut, smoked meat and swiss cheese

Town and Country Sandwich 11.95

Ham, cheese tomatoes and lettuce

Beef Dip 12.95

Thinly sliced roast beef on a ciabatta bun with melted Swiss cheese and au-jus

Steak on a Ciabatta Bun 15.95

8oz NY Steak served with fried onions and  mushrooms         


Chicken Breast on a Bun 12.95

served with fires and coleslaw


All served with french fries

Hamburger         7.95

Cheeseburger  8.45

Bacon Cheese Burger  9.95

Double Hamburger        9.95

Double Cheeseburger 10.95

Double Bacon Cheeseburger 11.95

BBQ Hamburger     9.95

6oz patty with BBQ sauce

BBQ Hamburger with Ham 10.95

and Swiss Cheese

Chicken Burger 8.95


Served with French Fries or Home Fries

Ham or Bacon and Egg   7.95

B.L.T     8.45

Western  7.95

Roast Beef 8.45

Cold Sliced Turkey 9.45

Smoked Meat   9.95

Grilled Cheese  7.95

(add ham or bacon for) 1.95

Peameal on a Bun  8.95


French Fries 4.95   Gravy 1.00

Poutine 6.95  Onion Rings 5.95

Coleslaw 2.95

Sauteed Mushrooms 3.45